Maria Alexandra Theodorescu

Ally Th personal site & blog - Meet Ally Theodorescu, Chicago DePaul University Computer Science graduate student, currently pursuing her Master's in Data Science. In her free time, Ally is cultivating her artistic skills by painting, drawing, and learning more about photography. In 2016, Ally showcased her art work at the Naperville Fine Art Gallery and maintained an online art gallery for four years. In 2018, Ally's drawings and paintings were featured in the Young Artists section of "Creneluri Sighisorene," an East European cultural publication. Notably, she was honored with "The Pursuit of Excellence" Award from the Art Department at Neuqua Valley High School in 2019. The exhibited drawings, paintings, and photographs reflect Ally's creative output from 2015 to 2019. While currently immersed in biomedical research, Ally remains steadfast in her commitment to her core hobbies of painting, drawing, and photography. Witnessing someone with such a diverse range of talents and interests passionately pursuing their endeavors is truly inspiring. Linkedin