Nicoleta & Liviu Roman directing The Romanian-American Chicago Choir

The Romanian-American Choir from Chicago was founded by Mezzo-Soprano Nicoleta Roman, a vocal and piano teacher, lyric artist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, alongside her husband, Liviu Roman. The couple thought it would be good to dedicate their time to the musical education of many Romanian children in the American community. The Romanian-American Choir is a standalone non-profit organization created to keep alive the flame of Romanian tradition, patriotic songs, and the sweet Romanian language.

On December 2nd, 2023, The Romanian Cultural Evening family of Naperville grew, joined by the Romanian-American Choir from Chicago, led by Mrs. Nicoleta Roman & Mr. Liviu Roman. They enriched the experience by incorporating guitar, accordion, and piano into the show, turning the event into a full house. The Naperville library echoed with crystalline voices; it was an unforgettable evening, full of youth, good spirits, and tradition. Along with their students, the beautiful couple brought so much joy & happiness to the hearts of both young and old. It was a moment of pride and joy to hear them perform the National Anthem of Romania and that of our adoptive country, America! We listened with joy to traditional Romanian carols and we were carried away on the magical threads of childhood, feeling grateful for this special group. Thanks to instructors Nicoleta & Liviu for their passion and dedication to the Romanian-American community!