Maria Theodorescu, co-founder of Art & Culture SPOC chapter and Art & Culture Committee Director; Educational management professional in Naperville, Il, with a Master's degree in Management & Administration; in her free time, Maria paints landscapes and icons. Besides her main work within 204 School District (teaching, PD Advisory Committee member, Middle School liaison and interpreter), she is involved and participates in many local cultural projects. She took (icon) painting classes (in Bucharest and Wheaton); in the last couple of years she coordonated icon painting classes and Sunday School classes within local Christian Churches. Currently, she manages Art & Culture Chapter events in Chicago Area and she is also organizing "Romanian Cultural Evening" events series, held at Naperville Public Library.

Ligia Grindeanu, co-founder of Art & Culture SPOC chapter and Poetry & Creative Writing Committee Director; Ligia is a pediatrician in Chicago, Il, and a poet. She is a member of the poetry workshop "ND Cocea Anotimpuri" from her hometown, Sighisoara, co-founder of the Romanian Cultural Organization from Iowa City, including the poetry workshop "Dor", and member of "Retro" cenacle of Chicago. Her poetry was published in several cultural publications such as: "Free word", "Fortress voice", "Ambassador", "Sighisorean Crenels", "Seasons", "The eternity of a second" etc. Ligia is involved in many cultural activities organized by the Romanian cultural community from Chicago area. In 2003 she published a poetry volume called "Beyong silence" and she is working on a her new volum called "Seasons of longing".